WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Spring Break was great, but now it is over. Sadly, we have to begrudgingly continue on with classes and homework, as we desperately miss the warm weather we enjoyed over that week. However, with post Spring Break blues also comes the opportunity to start incorporating some spring trends into our outfits.

This Fashionista does so perfectly. She doesn’t look weather confused in the slightest as she pairs an acid-washed denim jacket over a black knit sweater. This pairing creates the perfect combination of spring and winter. The acid-wash lightens the dark sweater and leggings while simultaneously keeping her warm and protected against the elements.

The necklace that this Fashionista is wearing brings her look to a whole new level. The mixture of gold, silver, rose gold, copper and black gives the necklace a vintage feel, and stands out perfectly against her simple sweater. Additionally, the mixture of the metals allows for this Fashionista to wear small gold studs and a gold nose ring without clashing with the silver pendant.

Lastly, the Fashionista’s shoes and sock combination create a fun aura for this outfit. Tan booties are cute and functional, while the lacey socks bring some feminine detailing to an otherwise grunge-inspired look.

One Simple Change: Plan on going out later tonight? Swap the sweater and leggings for silky black pants and a tank top to dress up both the acid-washed jacket and the statement necklace. Swap the booties for some black heels, and you are good to go go a night out with the ladies!