WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Just like that, seven days flew by. Spring Break for Rutgers University students has come to an end and it’s finally back to school. It’s time to turn on the alarm for that 8:00 a.m. class. There’s certainly no more option of waking up past noon. It’s back to having a very meticulous weekly routine until summer vacation. After a week of living in a cozy, oversized sweatshirt and comfy sweatpants with your hair in a bun and binge-watching every television show series on Netflix, this Fashionista had no choice but to rock simple staple items in her wardrobe.

Spring was about a week ago, but the temperatures still coincide with winter. It’s not quite the time to fully say goodbye to winter weather essentials just yet. This Fashionista understands that some winter must-haves can also be used for spring. Dark blue jeans is a perfect go-to item in anyone’s closet. It’s just one simple piece but it is a good start to any outfit. Since this Fashionista already ditched the sweatpants, cozy, fitted cable knit sweaters are great alternatives to the oversized sweatshirts from spring break. Whether it has prints or just a solid color, the style doesn’t really matter when your sweater is the reason why you are comfortable during your early 8:00 a.m. lecture class.

It’s not April 25th yet, but this spring wintry weather calls for a light jacket. Any Fashionista/o knows that the olive green parka is a year-round staple in their wardrobe. You never really know when you need to pull it out of your closet. For instance, in this forty degree spring weather, the olive green parka is useful to keep warm and still look put together at the same time. Since open-toed shoes are still weather inappropriate, to finish off the back to school look, this Fashionista chose her black Chelsea boots.

One Simple Change: Let’s say Mother Nature all of a sudden decides to give us spring weather instead of snow. Simply take off the olive green parka. The ensemble without the parka is equally as put together.