WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Welcome back to school, Fashionistas/os! A new semester here at UConn can mean one of many things for our students. From the chaos of moving-in, to the hustle in the bookstore for rentals and purchases or even the ever feared syllabus week of classes: a lot is going on within the first few days. For some, however, the hectic scheduling doesn’t stop them from going out and making their mark on campus, expressing their individuality through fashion.

Bringing in the new semester with style, I couldn’t help but notice a certain Fashionisto and the bold approach he took with his wardrobe. The inside out camo print and DIY U.S. flag patch on his Ralph Lauren coat gave the look just the right kind of pop one needs to stand out amongst the crowd. Usually when I think of wearing camo print, the pattern seems more fitting for the late-summer and early-fall. However, after witnessing this Fashionisto effortlessly rock it in the midst of January, I may have become a believer and just might have to give the look a try before winter’s end!

Adding layers to the ensemble, an edgy black double-zip hoodie (inspired by famed rapper, Kanye West) was incorporated underneath to add insulation and warmth. These warm pieces were all highlighted by his centered T-shirt, depicting Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This seems extra fitting for our very own Fashionisto—the twists of his natural hair give off a cool vibe of a young Basquiat in the making. After all, the parallels between both fashion and art are uncanny and overlapping!

The base of his outfit consisted of black joggers, neatly fitted into a pair of Timberlands. The incorporation of the Timberlands manages to bring the outfit back to a full consistency that matched both his coat for style, as well as matching his classic gold Michael Kors watch in color.

Are you still trying to figure out your style for the new semester? Take note of this Fashionisto and follow in his lead. Try experimenting with different fashion styles and influences to come out with a style that is unique to yourself and expresses your individualism for the new semester. You’ll be sure to turn some heads!

One Simple Change: Are you switching from day to night and ready to turn up with your friends? Try opting out the joggers for a pair of blue denim jeans that’ll transform this look from relaxed and edgy to cool and classic.