WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

It’s that time again to feel that half dread to leave the relaxation of vacation and half excitement to go back to school. I always find it hard to come back to school after the break, wishing it was longer. The start of the spring semester means stripping the skiwear or the pajamas you’ve been hibernating in and becoming a responsible student again. Whether it’s your first semester in college or your last semester before graduation, you want to start it right. Your clothing says a lot about you, and you definitely want to set a good first impression for your fellow students and professors.

This Fashionista knows what she is doing. She balances professional and playful with her effortlessly smooth organized back to school look. This put together outfit proves you can trust her for group projects. Her form-fitted basic T-shirt in eye-catching maroon brings your eye up from her black tube skirt, tights and boots. The colors are earthy to keep her grounded and complement her body. The matching patterned colors on her sweater tie the look together. Its loose fit gives her warmth from the cool days and keeps the look from being too sexy.

Her platform boots are practical for the cold weather, for traveling across campus and emphasize her slimness with their height. Have you seen her heather gray backpack? It’s elegant and a useful size to carry those heavy books.

One Simple Change: Going out to kick off the semester? For a more dressed up and warmer look, switch the sweater for a leather coat.