WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Coming back to school after winter break can be stressful. Fashionistas/os usually can’t wait to showcase their new creepers or try out some new styles. Although it hasn’t yet been scientifically proven, being away from your closet at home can cause separation anxiety for most Fashionistas. A lot of students get homesick rather quickly, but the best way for any Fashionista/o to deal with that is with a piece that reminds them of home. I’m from Durham, North Carolina, and so is this Fashionista, who knew just how to bring the Bull City to Greensboro.

I spotted this Fashionista sporting a baseball style T-shirt that was designed by a friend of hers from home. She centered her entire outfit around it, which gave it an athletic appeal. I love baseball T-shirts because they are so versatile in femininity and masculinity. To further that style, she wore a pair of acid-washed joggers, which tells me that the acid-wash trend is still in for this season. The temperature was below 30 degrees today, which called for this royal blue knee-length coat she wore. These coats are so awesome because they are super warm, and they come in so many different colors like red, olive and charcoal. They can easily be styled for back to school preparation or a field trip to the mountains with your friends. Nothing finishes a winter back to school outfit like a pair of combat boots. I don’t think they will ever get old, and that’s a plus for any college student.

One Simple Change: When you head to your first class of the semester, wear something from your university to show everyone how ready you are to get back into the school spirit. Sport a T-shirt you won at a basketball game or the sweatpants that you never get tired of lounging in. Here is my current favorite piece of school paraphernalia.