WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As I am sure we have all loved lounging around the house in our sweats, binge-watching Netflix and enjoying some home cooked food over winter break, the time has come for all of us to make our way back to campus and begin the daily grind once again. With that comes the big question on all of our minds: What do I wear?

Having likely worn every sort of comfy article in your wardrobe for the past month, you have to shy away from the sweats and dig deep into the back of your closet to add a little something extra to your everyday outfit. This Fashionista has perfected the art of looking stylish while still easing her way out of the sweats and into something more unique for those long days of class.

Many of us think of floral patterns as something for the spring and summer seasons, but they can just as easily be translated into a winter silhouette by toning it down with more subtle colors. By complementing an eye-catching pant with a very basic shirt allows this Fashionista to take her back to school look up a notch and stray away from the beloved black jeans we all gravitate towards during the winter months. Floral also allows her to add a feminine touch to an otherwise simple and relatively plain shirt.

In addition to her Free People floral pants, the more neutral colors allow her to accessorize with many different types of jewelry without bringing too much attention to one piece of her outfit. With a print as bold as floral, you want to be careful when adding accessories or incorporating other patterns because it can sometimes become overwhelming and appear too busy. By adding the pattern in the lower portion of her outfit, this Fashionista keeps it simple up top by adding a simple necklace and a solid vest to complete her look.

Yes, the floral pants are a bold and have a not so ordinary print; they can still remain sophisticated and a part of your everyday wardrobe when paired with more neutral colors. With a very polished and playful look, this Fashionista is able to look confident no matter where she goes.

One Simple Change: Find yourself short on time and in a rush to meet the girls for dinner? Instantly transform your back to school look into an edgier outfit for a night of fun filled dinner and drinks with the girls by swapping your vest for a fierce leather jacket or blazer and toss it on over your basic T-shirt.