WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Second semester is just beginning for all of us Fashionistas/os and even though it is not the first day of the school year, schedules have changed with new classes, meaning new people and new faces. Dressing for a new crowd can be just as equally important because it is like the first day all over again. Surely you don’t want to overdress for your first day of class, but you do not want to show up looking like you are still stuck in last semester’s outfit. This Fashionista’s outfit definitely fits for her first day of the semester without screaming “I’m trying too hard to look trendy!”

Ah, the simplicity of a black dress. It is always a perfect bottom layer for a classy but still semi-casual look. Wearing a black dress can still be tricky if you do not layer it well, especially in the winter. The black coat with the detailed buttons totally gives this look a layer of warmth for the winter day ahead. The coat does not take away from the formality of the dress, which is an important factor to keep in mind.

A Fashionista like this could not go by unnoticed. The red heels in this look, like the ones here, are such a perfect pair for this look. When wearing simple black on black layers, it is always optional and a really great idea to have a pop of color to tie the look together without taking away from the black layers on the top. Here is a black dress similar to the one this Fashionista is wearing. If you need a warm coat to layer over the dress, here is the perfect one! These pieces are essential to every closet and will always stay in style.

One Simple Change: This outfit is great for back to school. This look can be also great for day to night. When you want to be able to keep on the same look for your nighttime event, you could wear some warmer black tights. Wearing a darker pair of heels would help this look go from fun to fierce. With this one change, you can go from day to night while not having to give up on that awesome dress.