WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

January 26th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

New year, new you. Coming off the holidays and returning to school with all sorts of new pieces that you can’t wait show off is something we all secretly anticipate. In just the few days that I’ve been back on campus, it’s no secret Fashionistas/os are starting off the new year right by putting their best fashion foot forward. The beginning of the semester has always been one of my favorite times of the year, because I enjoy seeing the new looks on campus.

Kick off the year with some tips on what to wear to class. You go or at least try to go to class every day, and your future husband or wife might just sit next to you. So, what do you wear to class? Well, this Fashionista is a perfect example of a look that’s simple and easy to throw together for that 8 a.m. class or midday lab.

Aiming for casual and comfort, this Fashionista is dressed in a comfy T-shirt, with a knit cardigan on top. Then, she chose a pair of ripped jeans and a neutral bootie. To finish off the look, she adorned her wrist with a watch that has a black band and rose gold face, which is perfect for everyday wear.

One of the greatest things about this outfit is that it quickly can be transformed from daytime to a night on the town look. Throw on a sequined top and add a touch of night makeup, and this look goes from day to night in a just a few minutes!

With busy college schedules, it might seem difficult or sometimes out of reach to put something together everyday, but remember it takes the same amount of time to slip into jeans as it does PJ pants. I encourage you all to keep adding a twist to those every day looks and making a statement. Whether that’s adding a pop of color through a shoe or piece of jewelry, a little goes a long way.