WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

The minute we see a leaf drop from a tree, we immediately want to break out the Uggs and blanket scarves. I am especially guilty of this. Fall clothes are my absolute favorite of all of the seasons’ styles, and I know I’m not the only one. However, the fall season doesn’t always bring the chilly weather we all yearn for to quench our autumn fashion thirst. With this being said, we have to find ways to transition over to the fall side.

This Fashionista is wearing ripped jeans, a long cardigan, a crop top and ankle boots. She accessorizes her outfit perfectly with gold jewelry and mauve colored nails. Her outfit is the perfect transition outfit for going back to school and entering these fall months without overdressing and sweating right through your outfit. A thin cardigan will put you in the fall feels and so will some ripped jeans with ankle boots. The crop top is a perfect touch to keep this Fashionista cool and adds her own personal touch to her outfit, which is extremely important.

Ripped jeans may just be for looks in some cases; however, they can definitely keep you cooled off during the months where the weather is fluctuating between desert heat and tundra cold. They will keep you warm but also allow some air in when it’s hot in the non-air conditioned classrooms. Adding the cardigan is a great idea to add some layers to your outfit so that you can throw it on if the temperature allows or take it off if you jumped the gun on the fall clothes a little too early.

I am currently obsessed with long cardigans, just like the one this Fashionista is rocking. These can be found at Target (my favorite store) or Forever 21. Ankle boots are also a great way to spice up the look in a subtle way, which give it the perfect fall touch when paired with some ripped jeans. Anyone can slay this outfit going back to school like this Fashionista did!