WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

The back to school season is finally here, which means you can say goodbye to those easy mornings where you can just throw on a swim suit and some shorts. Eventually we can all be caught at the library in practically pyjamas while drowning ourselves in coffee and books. However, this year, let’s try to postpone our school time fashion slump. I believe it is no coincidence that back to school comes at the same time as New York Fashion Week and this month’s Fashionista will show you how to take those exciting new looks from the runway straight to campus.

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, suede and denim are my favorite trending fabrics right now! When I saw this Fashionista on campus I was immediately attracted to the way she matched her outfit around these fabrics. This season is all about reviving the retro styles of the ’70s. Back to school season means swapping out crochet crop tops and groovy flower crowns for something a little more professional yet still retro.

This month’s Fashionista is an outfit matching expert. She rocks her favorite new suede trend in a casual yet professional looking, loose T-shirt and ties in a matching fabric with her shoes. Her shoes are heeled sneakers, which may have some of you wincing thinking about walking back and forth to classes all day. These shoes are not uncomfortable! Sneakers with hidden wedges are the best way for a gal on the shorter side (like me) to add a little height to a look without looking too dressed up in all out heels. These shoes elongate her legs, drawing more attention to the straight line of buttons on her skirt, which will also make her appear taller. Her A-line skirt is the cherry on top of this outfit, paired with a matching bag. This Fashionista was careful to choose a skirt that not only matched the outfit in look but also in texture! The skirt is made out of velvet, giving the entire look a soft feel to it.

So follow this Fashionista’s lead guys and gals, don’t fall into your study fashion slump too early this year! Together along with the CF team we can keep picking stylish and functional pieces all year long that will take you from the library to the lounge.