WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

As you move back onto campus this fall, temperatures are still a bit high to break out the knit sweaters, leggings and lace-up boots that retailers are promoting as “back to school” attire. It’s hard to even hide away indoors in new fall attire when most older buildings don’t have air conditioning. Don’t put the summer clothes away just yet as you may need to opt for clothing for the warmer weather these first few weeks of classes. This Fashionista showcases her favorite summer trends like cropped tops and maxi skirts, while dressing for the back to school season.

Maxi skirts are essential this time of year when you may want a bit more fabric around your legs to block out morning, evening or even air conditioning chills. This periwinkle high-low maxi skirt is thin and breathable so that you’ll still catch a breeze when the temperatures peaks in the middle of the day. Cropped tops will remain ever popular into the fall as the high-waisted bottom trend lives on. This Fashionista reflects the blue tones of her maxi skirt with an aqua-colored cropped top, bringing out the color in both her eyes and a nearby garden on campus. Gladiator sandals are superb for back to school as well. I find myself walking up to six miles a day on average and flip flops strain the back of my calves and heels. This Fashionista shows off her sandals made out of authentic South American leather that she got while studying abroad. Gladiator sandals offer just the right amount of support for walking to class and they’re open-toed to allow feet to breath in the late summer heat.

Once the weather truly mimics the stereotypes of fall and the back to school season, this look may begin to let the fall air nip at your skin. Crop tops especially have become year round attire for many Fashionistas. For an easy fix, throw on a long knit cardigan to battle off any extra chills.

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