WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Back to school is the best time of the year for Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike. You just had an awesome summer saving money at your internship (or not), and are ready to flex in the new pieces you picked up during your time away from campus. The hallways and sidewalks of Kent State are like a runway every day of the year, but are even more decorated with students dressing their best for the first week of classes.

Some students are especially skilled in dressing both stylish and comfortably to walk across a campus like Kent State, which seems to feel like it is uphill both ways, especially on a hot day. This Fashionista caught my eye after class during our first week because she looked extremely pulled together and chic with just a few basics from her wardrobe.

She wore a denim shirt dress with high lace-up gladiator sandals. The denim shirt dress is a staple for a relaxed style, especially in this beautiful fall weather. To add a pretty touch of color, she carried a nude oversized leather tote from Nordstrom that can fit everything and more she needs for class. Three basic pieces that mostly every Fashionista already has in her closet can be put together to make the perfectly mature and lovely outfit for your first week of classes.

If you’re planning to head out with friends after your evening lecture, this outfit is so easy to take from day to night. Toss the sandals for a pair of fun, chunky mules. To better highlight your figure, throw on a patterned or metallic skinny belt at your waist to add a pop of style and show off that bod.