WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Fall semester has crept on us just like our lazy summer tans. So for those of us who enjoy living in swimsuits, flip flops and Ray-Bans all summer, our time has come to an end. However, this doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our style for those 8:00 a.m. classes. The first weeks of school determine first impressions not just on your classmates, but also on our professors. You want to have a look that’s both cute and professional. You’ve made it to college, a place of higher education and you want your style to rise to the occasion.

Since I’ve always loved the aesthetic look of basics paired together with an eccentric top, this Fashionista was my go-to for a back to school look. Having to balance classes, part time jobs and those 10 page papers is tiring, but it doesn’t have to strain your wardrobe.

There’s a timeless feel to blue jeans and they’re the one staple in your wardrobe you want to invest in because they will never go out of style (cue Taylor Swift’s song). This Fashinista’s white blouse is easy-flowing and will be perfect for the fall breeze. It also give this ensemble a gentle feminine look that’s soft and classic. Pairing these two together gives you a stylish look reminiscing the chic and effortless style of Audrey Hepburn. What’s the plus side of such a classic look? You no longer have to spend hours the night before class searching for the perfect pairing. Instead those hours can be used to work on those daunting research papers.

To finish of her look, she adds a pop of color with these hot pink jelly flats which give the outfit an edgy, personal twist. So don’t be afraid of basics, you’ll be surprise how much of a statement they can sometimes be!

One Simple Change: Going from class to a night out with friends? Switch the jelly flats for some bold heels and add a statement necklace. You’ll be ready for an A-list night out with the girls.