WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

School’s in session and Fashionistas/os are dressing to impress. This cute Fashionista happens to be in my Korean class and as soon as I saw her outfit, I knew I had to capture it. Her outfit is playful and fun but seems effortless as well. Not only was this outfit perfect for staying cool in the outside 90 degree weather, but since she had a cardigan, she was still able to survive the ice box that is our classrooms.

The first thing I loved about her outfit was the colors she used. Instead of having a simple black and white outfit, this Fashionista used olive as the main color. Considering olive is having a huge moment in fashion right now, I thought this was completely appropriate. It’s a great fall color and especially cute when paired with her other black and white pieces. She also paired her playsuit with a white button-up underneath, adding a nice layered effect to her look, while she finished off with a striped cardigan. Though her outfit didn’t feature any stand-out accessories and she had plain black flats on, I thought the main part of the outfit was fun enough to not need anything extra. Also, when you have to wake up early for a language class and sit in a lecture room for an hour, comfort and simplicity is key.

Because her outfit’s main point was the layering, it would be a great outfit to transition to other events. This look was perfect for making an adorable impression for back to school; each piece in her outfit could stand alone in a different look, but she chose to pair them together instead.

One Simple Change: Playsuits are great brunching outfits (simple, cute, allow for copious amounts of food to be eaten, etc.), so wanna take this outfit from class to late brunch? Switch out the black and white cardigan for a long vest instead, or take it off completely, and change the flats to chunky heels. This keeps the outfit whimsical but also makes it slightly more dressy. Keep the accessories at a minimum and don’t forget to take a ton of #RAD Instagram pics!