WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

The beginning of the semester is always filled with so much excitement: things to do, early mornings and really late nights. As college students, we are always on the go, and we are always tired from the long night we had (i.e. spending hours in the library on a single assignment). So without a doubt, this calls for outfits that are easy to wear and as comfy as pajamas (and coffee) because let’s face it, you might end up having another all-nighter in the library. Plus while you’re walking around campus, it’s good to feel confident about yourself and the day. The right outfit can make your assignments seem less daunting.

This Fashionista’s get up is comfy option for the rainy day that lies ahead. Her gloomy day attire merges the casual modern look with a gypsy like vibe to bring together all the moods she wants to touch upon. Her outfit is exciting and picks up its color scheme from the sky; this detail puts a pep in her step. With the black, gray and blue combo, her outfit gives a cool and collected feel to her presence. Her repetitive pattern and Coach backpack adds a little bit of glamour and a whole lot of fun. The Alex and Ani wrist collection is great accessory to pull this outfit together by bringing hippie-chic to a modern structured look.

One Simple Change: Friday rolls around faster than expected, and the end of the week calls for a much needed girl’s night out. When you’re at your favorite local spot, try ditching the flip flops and kimono and add some ankle booties or heels to take this outfit into the night. The slouchy boyfriend jeans will still keep the look casual but will also add a hint of class and make you ready for any occasion.