WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Look good, feel good. It’s a common saying that in essence is very, very true. I’m not saying that “looking good” necessarily requires a lot of thought, however throwing a simple yet perfectly paired outfit together can turn a bad day into a good one. With summer coming to an end, students from around the globe prepare for another long year full of caffeine infused nights and stressful exams. The prospect of summer wrapping up is not appealing to many, however fall is about to begin, and in my opinion it’s the best season of all. Who doesn’t like an abundant amount of hot chocolate and big comfy sweaters?

Another unfortunate reality is that the weather as students head back to school is often unpredictable considering one day it’s boiling hot and the next it’s windy and cold. However, this student is sporting an ideal outfit for the transitioning weather on campus, making back to school easier than ever.

He is wearing a pair of gray khaki joggers with a simple T-shirt, while on his feet he has on a pair of fresh kicks. The runners help to keep the outfit casual but still well put together. The  fitted ball cap and classy watch add to the ensemble along with the green and black Herschel backpack. This outfit can easily be layered with a sweater for the cooler fall days making it a perfect example of timeless fall attire.

One Simple Change: Between studying and long hours in class, every student needs a bit of time to unwind. This outfit can easily be transformed into a “chick attracting” ensemble. Simply ditch the backpack and the ball cap, add a bit of hair gel and you’re ready for a night on the town.