WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

September 18th, 2015 at 2:00am

Let’s just call it the “Romper Movement of 2015” because this year has indeed been the year of rompers. With the bohemian-chic trend so in style right now, girls are allowing more maxi dresses, paisley prints, hippie-inspired accessories and rompers into their wardrobes. We’re seeing it everywhere, and it makes sense that rompers appeal to girls so much. They are usually loose and flowy, which allows mobility at parties and other activities that require movement. Rompers are especially appropriate for those spring and summer months because they give off an easygoing and effortless vibe.

This look absolutely screams summer and is perfect for the short-lived warm weather here in Syracuse. Definitely take advantage of the sunshine and show some more skin, and try something new!

This Fashionista brought some boho vibes with her accessories and the loud paisley pattern on her romper. The solid color on the top mutes the whole outfit and allows it to come together in a harmonious way. I am in love with her smart use of dainty and statement accessories to brighten her outfit a little more. My eyes are immediately drawn to her beautiful neckpiece, which works well with the romper as it parallels the paisley pattern. She rocked a top bun for a more casual look and to eliminate any distractions from her statement necklace. Her white Converse shoes are a great way to look put together, yet, still comfortable for those walks to class and around campus. Because the romper is more of a dressed up look, the Converse allow the outfit to be dressed down and more appropriate for classroom attire. This one-piece look is by far one of my favorites I have seen around campus because it manifests a “I didn’t try that hard” attitude while still looking on fleek.

My favorite part of this outfit, however, is the Fashionista’s meticulous attention to detail as shown in her choice of accessories. Her bracelet gives off a boho vibe with the intricate floral patterns that bring more life to her outfit as a whole. When I looked closer, I realized that she was wearing an ankle bracelet. I love the details and daintiness of the ankle bracelet because it oozes elegance and sophistication for a more casual outfit like this one. She kept it simple with minimal accessories and one statement piece so that the outfit is not overwhelming to the eyes.

In my opinion, this outfit is the perfect embodiment of “college” because it is revealing in a tasteful way. It is effortless and casual, but when you look at this girl, you know she spent more than 10 minutes getting ready. It is that put together, yet, breathable look that I really resonate with. If you are looking for something to wear that doesn’t take long in the morning and is easy to style, start by finding yourself some monochromatic rompers for a minimalist look.

One Simple Change: Throw on a leather jacket over this look for an instant girl’s night out outfit. It’s a no brainer—the leather jacket will add that rocker edge this feminine look needs in order to complete the perfect GNO look with your girlfriends.