WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Welcome to the beginning of the fall semester! As we’re getting used to our school schedules and finding our way around campus again, I just wanted to share something my mom taught me. She always stressed the importance of having good handwriting when turning in classwork. She claimed that it made all her teachers like her and give her good grades. As silly as that may sound, I like the concept of it. The same thing goes for dressing well in class, being attentive to professors and taking notes with pen and paper. These are all examples of the good mannerisms that make you more competent among your peers.

You not only retain better memory of what you learned by actively writing down what you absorb, but you will make your professor notice you because, let’s face it, most people are on their laptops nowadays. Professors know who is watching them and paying close attention, and they like to see people who still have manual note taking skills. Now to match your studious mannerism, dressing the part will elevate you to another level. People take notice of these seemingly small details, whether it’s on a conscious or unconscious level. Try it and see the benefits for yourself.

What are your thoughts when you see this Fashionisto? Doesn’t he look ambitious, determined and headed for success? His dress shirt is a solid light pink that’s soothing to the eye. His dark black pants are a smooth contrast from his shirt. This Fashionisto’s boat shoes are a nice neutral brown. These colors are comfortably paired with one another—not too crazy and not too plain. It kind of reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream—three simple and tasty flavors. His watch makes an elegant cherry on top.

This Fashionisto has managed to pull off looking like a champ to class. His spiked hair is the perfect finishing touch to this classic back to school look.

One Simple Change: If you’re having a presentation, put on a blazer, tie and belt. Before stepping out, change into polished black dress shoes, and you’re ready to give your presentation in style!