WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the squirrels on campus are in full force this fall semester. The first day of class everyone will try to dress their best in their cutest outfit ready to embark on this new school year. Sometimes picking that perfect outfit can take a little time and a lot of indecisiveness if you are like me. With all the indecisive choices I make I usually always end up with a killer first day outfit. Now I am here to help you get ready to go back to school or should I say back to the basics.

This fashionista had the cutest back to school outfit. When these pieces are separate they might look too simple or too boring, but putting them together and adding small staple pieces will pull your once basic look to something not so basic. While pieces like a pair of distressed blue jeans or a plain black halter crop top seem like they could be too plain jane for you, that is when the fun part begins. At this point you have your two main pieces. Then you can add whatever shoes and/or accessories that you feel will go with the look that you’re trying to accomplish. This Fashionista wanted to go for something a little more edgy but still cute at the same time so she threw on a pair of low-top Converse, grabbed her cutest leather tote and layered some gold necklaces and stackable bracelets.

Take your most basic pieces from your wardrobe and transform them into your edgiest look yet! Fall is the perfect time to experiment and get creative with your most basic go-to items.

One Simple Change: Since this outfit can be very versatile, there are a couple of simple changes that you could make to this look that would change it drastically. However, if you’re just trying to make small changes because you have to go from class to a lunch date this is what you can do: Pack a pair of cute high rise palazzo pants with a pair of sandals and make a quick change and you’re ready to go looking fashionable as ever!