WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

As it comes time to put away the sunscreen and transition into school mode, it is also important to update your wardrobe. There are a ton of new styles coming out this fall, as well as old styles being brought back. Every year, there is a new set of back to school must-haves that students will be scrambling to get their hands on. As much as we say we are going to trudge into class in our tank tops and gym shorts, we all try to look our best when we head to class the first day and this Fashionisto is definitely keeping it fresh.

This Fashionisto brings the oversized T-shirt style to the streets of Pittsburgh. This design has been seen on rappers like Lil Wayne and Drake—it really complements that slim, muscular figure. The zipper on the side also allows a tighter or looser fit for a slight style adjustment. Matching the black and white H&M shirt with dark jeans, black Nike shoes and a black and white snapback make the perfect combination to create a clean, trendy look. The stripes also add to the texture of the outfit, making the length of the shirt more appealing to the eye. This design really helps pull all of the other parts of the outfit together in a neat way. As far as looking your best goes, this get up is a great, classy way to do it! This Fashionisto can walk into his first class feeling confident and ready to kill it on the first day!

One Simple Change: Not quite ready for school yet? If you’re still in summer mode, try a plain white T-shirt with light wash denim for brighter, lighter look.