WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

It’s official. With the commencement of fall semester classes, summer of 2015 is officially behind us. A new school year means a new start for all of us. And with all the new students and new professors one encounters in a semester, many of us definitely dress to impress.

Students could be seen wearing all the latest trends and fads, but this Fashionista’s first day outfit especially caught my eye throughout the swarm of students I had seen all day. She was sporting a timeless outfit but made it her own by incorporating just a few accessories.

This Fashionista was rocking an all-time classic look: a black and white striped shirt with dark trousers. The striped shirt, or the “Breton shirt,” has been long regarded by many as a basic but essential piece in their wardrobe. Originally a French sailor’s shirt, the Breton shirt was popularized by the likes of Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Jean Seberg. Pairing the Breton shirt with a simple black trouser makes it a classic French look.

She accessorizes this look by adding a pair of RAD, bright red round-framed sunglasses and a bowler hat. The bowler hat gives this look a cute and quirky twist, and the tinted round-frame sunglasses bring her outfit into the modern day. Although round-framed glasses are also considered a retro piece—originally popular in the ’60s, and then again in the ’90s—they’ve made a huge comeback the past two years with the big ’90s revival that has become so popular with young millennials. Lastly, she tops the outfit off with a cute pair of black canvas sneakers, perfect for running around the city and getting to classes.

One Simple Change: If you’re going out after class and want to switch up this look from daytime to nighttime, swap out the trousers for a nice, black skater skirt and put on pair of flats. Add a bright lip amongst all the black and white clothing to make your makeup pop!