WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

A common misconception in fashion is that to achieve beauty, you must sacrifice your own personal comfort. As a result of this generalization, some college students give up altogether on their style, resorting to baggy sweatpants and college t-shirts. After all, why would anyone want to feel uncomfortable when the back-to-school agenda consists of: 1. Fighting to the death over a single parking spot on campus, 2. Waiting in a mile-long line at the bookstore, 3. Cramming yourself in hot lecture halls for five hours and 4. Inevitably repeating the vicious cycle for another week? We must ask ourselves: where is the middle ground here? There has to be something in-between high fashion and no fashion.

Here’s the truth: dressing fashionably does not have to be overwhelming, and simplicity can be a misnomer while occasionally unappreciated in the pages of the global fashion press. Within an individual’s personal aesthetic, a need will arise for the importance of comfort and practicality, especially for busy college students.

This Fashionista appreciates that she can be stylish without spending hours over-accessorizing and suffocating herself in movement-restricting garments. She is approaching the fall 2015 semester promoting her own aesthetic, pairing an olive-green sleeveless safari wrap dress by White House Black Market with a hipster cross-body bag by Vera Bradley and completing the look with a chic pair of rhinestone ballet flats by Olsenboye. She artfully blends this season’s colors with a healthy combination of neutrals and monochromatic shades of black and white. The silhouette is free-flowing, yet beautiful, as the pleats flare to create a sense of comfort and ease of movement. The finishing creates luster as the sunlight catches the sheen of the dress, adding dimension and depth to the silhouette. Best of all, this is a completely effortless look, according to this Fashionista, taking “less than ten minutes to achieve.” Therefore, before you even ponder the idea of wearing those sweatpants to class again, realize that you can achieve this simple style in the same amount of time that it takes to slip on a T-shirt!

One Simple Change: Heading out with friends after class? Want to achieve the perfect evening look? Swap out the flats with a pair of peep-toe nude patent heels by WHBM and approach the night in style!