WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

In the immortal words of Degrassi’s very own Paige Michalchuck, “New year, new look, new Paige.”

Welcome back everyone to a new semester here at the University of Connecticut. Though we are currently experiencing a heat wave for the next two weeks, students are trying to enjoy as much of the warm weather as possible. Mother Nature is quite the scorned one when it comes to dealing with the town of Storrs.

Soaking up as much sun as she can, I spotted this Fashionista clearly not afraid to go all out on her first day of classes. Juxtaposed between the dead and dreary construction site over by Hilltop dorms, our first Fashionista is prim, proper and full of life like a true posh.

The maroon colored high-waisted pleated skirt does a excellent job at softening the tone of her bold, red ombré. The classic short-sleeve gray V-neck is a great way of neutralizing the entire ensemble and producing a more subtle look for the fall season, as opposed to using too many bright pieces; which more or less may end up having her looking like spring on overload.

Though I must say, the stand out pieces from this look is her accessories. Sporting a refined and luxe Michael Kors designer handbag, our Fashionista loves the finer things in life and isn’t afraid to show it. The bracelet and herringbone chain are great additions to match with her bag and add the right touch of gold for luxury. With the black high heel strapped wedges implemented, she’s serving classic English posh right here in the States. A perfect way to start off the school year just right.

One Simple Change: Just got out of class and need to head on over to an interview for that dream internship? Not to worry, put on a long-sleeve blazer to transition this sophisticated look from flirty to prep-ready.