WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

The first few weeks back at school prove to be pivotal times in recreating the summer wardrobe you flaunted all summer. The warm days begin to dwindle down and it’s a mad dash to pull out your favorite pieces before it’s time to pack them away for the fall and winter months.

This week’s Fashionisto takes summer essentials and turns them into sidewalk must haves. When dressing for class, you want to make sure the impression you’re setting is right from the start, for both the teacher and your classmates. Going with a crisp understated patterned button-down and a neutral colored pair of shorts, any guy is sure to set the right impression from the start. If you’re fearful of beginning the year out too bold and want to ease your way into the fashion scene, try taking tips from this look by incorporating subtle tones with a background kick.

For any Fashionista/Fashionisto, you can make the statement you desire without branching too far from your comfort zone. This single-tone blue shirt with hints of detailing is playful enough to make you approachable, but simple enough to help you appear studious. Using a neutral base, similar to these khaki shorts, helps to open up the multitude of options available to compliment the rest of the ensemble. Tying it all together with a pair of class-act shoes, such as Sperry Top-Siders, makes the look come full circle and complete in every aspect.

An easy to follow tip when dressing for class may be to remember that simple is fashionable too. You can keep the colors neutral, add a hint of pattern, but not overdo the classic look.

One Simple Change: Take the outfit from the first few weeks back to the beginnings of the fall season. Change the shorts to a pair of skinny-fit, dark-wash denim, rolled once at the bottom keeping the shoes visible and make the seasonal transition easy.