WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

The beginning of fall semester has graced us with its presence. Although it’s called ‘fall’ semester, we’ve yet to experience the cool breezes and chilly nights here in Columbia, SC. We’re still walking miles and miles on campus in 100-degree weather, strutting our sweaty T-shirts and Nike running shorts. There are a few exceptions to those who sport the T-shirts and running shorts. Some true Fashionistas out there dare to be bold and embrace the heat. They continue to put together cute and casual outfits for the first week back to school.

This Fashionista is one of those few exceptions. She has cute and casual figured out perfectly. Dressed in jean shorts, a striped T-shirt and white Converse, this Fashionista is prepared for the heat and those miles of walking. The satchel is great for throwing her keys and money in and then her sunglasses when its time to go into class. She’s yet to start carrying her book-bag since it’s the first week back, which means syllabus week. That translates into “you don’t need any supplies or your brain.” Syllabus week is the best week during college except for holidays. It’s definitely the easiest. This Fashionista may not have to put many thoughts into class during syllabus week, but she definitely thought about her back to school outfit. She thought right, too! She’s stylish while keeping it casual and sensible for class.

One Simple Change: It’s Friday and the tolling week of hearing your professors’ high expectations and learning how often you can actually skip class is over. You’re going to meet up with friends for appetizers and drinks so be sure to throw on some dark-wash jeans and take the outfit from day to night.