WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Ah, it seems like only yesterday we were lounging by the pool in the heat of summer, enjoying ice cream and sunshine without a care in the world. That’s probably because it was only yesterday—summer flew by quickly, leaving us to rush around and prepare for the fall semester at just a moment’s notice. No longer are we waking up late and allowing the hot days to slowly sink into warm nights causing life and all of its plans to just sort of happen to us. Instead, we’re suddenly bombarded with schedules filled with classes, events, part-time jobs and internships. With everything going on at the start of a new semester, trying to figure out what to wear as we get back into the swing of things seems almost like an afterthought.

That’s why, Fashionistas/os, I am here to remind you that dressing for school doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, I highly encourage you to carry that aforementioned easy-going summertime mentality into your back to school wardrobe by sticking to some tried and true classics. This Fashionisto’s back to school outfit hit the mark. He chose to pair a trusty white T-shirt with some dark wash jeans. To add a dash of personality to his easy-going look, he threw on bright red Vans, a colorfully patterned backpack and a lion pendant. There was a nonchalance to his look that made it seem extremely natural. It’s almost as if (dare I say it) he woke up like that—cool and comfortable in his classic apparel.

For guys and girls alike, it is impossible to go wrong when you do the much-loved duo of jeans and a white T-shirt (I mean, hello, James Dean anyone?). These are two staples that are ideal for a new semester because: 1. they can be easily layered to correspond with the finicky fall temperatures, 2. they can be dressed down for class and then later dressed up for going out with friends and 3. you probably already have these items in your wardrobe, which means you can save a dollar or two on new clothes.

So take a cue from this Fashionisto and don’t over think what you’re going to wear back to school. With the start of a new semester, your mind is probably already in a million places at once. Trust me when I say that it will thank you for taking it easy by sticking to the classics in the wardrobe department.

One Simple Change: Doing a bit of tailgating before the big game this weekend? This look works just as well for that. Simply switch out the plain white T-shirt with your favorite college shirt and show of your school pride in style.