WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Summer is officially over for my fellow college students, which means back to school and we all know picking out the perfect first day outfit can be a tough choice. Fall weather hasn’t hit yet—yes it’s still 80 degrees even in state college, but you still hesitate to pull out your crop top and high-waisted shorts you might have donned throughout the summer. One of the choices you might have missed could be that new dress sitting in the back of your closet.

Dresses are so simple, but they also make it look like you tried to pull yourself together. When we’re used to wearing pants, we tend to forget just how comfortable a dress is—especially during those hot first days. This dress is a great way to make a statement while still maintaining the unspoken college dress code. The sleeves on the dress are perfect from transitioning from a steamy walk to class into a cold classroom. The bright blue hues in the dress still reflects on her summer vacation, but the red shades point directly to the fall season ahead of us. Notice how the dress cinches at the waist, still giving this Fashionista a nice figure to show off as well.

Now this outfit would be nothing if it wasn’t for the awesome combination of accessories. The way the strappy sandals complement the faux leather handbag is a definite eye-catcher. The laid back black and gold accents on both accessories go well with the bright colors of the dress. Consequently, they bring together her gold rings and the colorful gold-red bracelet. The rustic chandelier-style earrings also bring a sense of elegance to what could be a very casual outfit. This ensemble just proves that a Fashionista can always find a way to transform something ordinary into something extraordinary.

One Simple Change: We can easily make this easy-going look into an outfit ready to take on the world, through a class presentation of course. By swapping out the open-toed shoes for a pair of ballet flats and throwing on a nude blazer, this Fashionista will take on a new professional persona. Additionally, we can drop the bracelets, earrings, and oversized rings, for a gold watch and studs to achieve a more polished look.