WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

It’s that time of year again: the beginning of classes, house warming parties every weekend and the exciting feeling of wondering what the rest of the semester holds. However, with the beginning of a fresh school year in Athens, Georgia comes a not-so-fresh worrisome feeling (or just straight up fear) of having to walk to class in the blistering heat. For many students on campus, it’s hard to even imagine trying to be stylish for class when your Weather Channel App says “feels like 95 degrees”. However, a select few Fashionistas have managed to brave the struggles of the beginning of the year and still maintain their style, including this Fashionista.

From head to toe, Leila’s look is made up of killer finds from the local Goodwill. Her thrift store treasures scream ‘90s and bring the looks of Monica and Rachel from your laptop screen where you’ve been binge-watching Friends to the campus streets. Tucking a minimalist striped T-shirt into high-waisted shorts is the perfect way to create a retro style while still remaining on trend. Shorts that cinch around the waist, rather than the hips, are great for showing off your figure without going overboard. To top off the perfect minimalist style, this Fashionista’s white high-top sneakers add a level of fashionable masculinity. They tie together this Fashionista’s ‘90s style without sacrificing comfort for the walk to class.

One Simple Change: Want to take this look from class to a night out? Try switching out the striped T-shirt for a simple black tank and throwing on some sleek gold jewelry. Your look will be perfect for dinner at a casual restaurant or a concert with friends.