WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

September 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Your alarm goes off. You open your eyes to see your new shelves, binders stacked in a row and clothes folded neatly in piles, resting in their still-organized drawers. It’s the second week of school and you are still memorizing your class schedule and deciphering many syllabi. You don’t want to be late in the second week and you most certainly want to arrive in style and make a good impression on both your classmates and your professors. Late August and early-September are arguably the most difficult weeks for which to dress. While skinny jeans and a cardigan may seem like a good idea in the morning, come late afternoon you could find yourself trudging to class, lugging a heavy backpack and sweating with a deep sense of regret.

This Fashionista knows how to balance the seasonal temperatures and the desire to dress to impress. She starts out with a white pair of skinny jeans, which she cuffed at the ankle for a more summer vibe. She coupled this with a beaded black patterned T-shirt. The 3-D pattern of the beads draws the eye, as does the metallic silver of her sandals, made more visible by the rolled up pants. The white jeans are reminiscent of summer, but provide some warmth for the chilly mornings. The T-shirt and flip flops will keep her cool in the afternoon heat. She accessorizes this look with a gold circular ring and a black bracelet.

One Simple Change: This look is also perfect to transition from day to night. To do this, simply swap the flip flops for a pair of wedges and you’re ready for a night out!