WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Come August students across the country are out shopping for the closeout deals on the remaining summer outfits and the new falls looks before all the kids head back to school. There is always a huge craze about having a trendy, new outfit to go back to school in. This trendy outfit can be very dressed up or rather dressed down, but it is meant to express the student’s style. This Fashionista has a few more weeks before officially heading back to school, but she said this is definitely an outfit that she will have ready to wear. This outfit is perfect for back to school because when school is starting back, it is still pretty warm, but one can get away with wearing jeans if his or her top is summery.

This Fashionista’s outfit is trendy because the tank top is flowy and light colored with a abstract design that denotes American flag colors. She is one who prefers to wears jeans as much as she can, but being cool is one of her biggest concerns when putting together an outfit. This tank top is a perfect piece for her to pair with jeans because the light color of the top doesn’t absorb as much heat as a dark top would, and since it is a tank top, it adds to that “keeping cool factor.” With this light color top she wore a simple pair of dark wash jeans and an adorable pair of striped cream color shoes made by UGGs that resemble Keds. This Fashionista was also wearing several different rings on either hand and her hair was side parted with a braid on one side. This outfit is perfect for this Fashionista to wear back to school because it is trendy, comfortable and expresses who she is.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista were to add a pair of thick-framed glasses and a large bag, such as a Longchamp tote she would be ready for class. Just two super simple changes will make her back to school outfit class-ready.