WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

It’s that time of year again…the time when every other commercial is a back to school ad, when the stores start to lay out their fall clothing and when high school students are scrambling to get their summer assignments finished. Luckily, for us college students, the end of the summer tends to be a very exciting time of year! For us, it’s finally time to pack up and head back to school. We’ll move into our crowded dorms, messy apartments and reunite with our closest friends, beloved roommates and attend many pre-school year events or social functions.

With so many exciting things happening, it seems only right to go out and buy a few new items to sport when you get back on campus. This Fashionista will definitely serve as inspiration for the perfect back to school look!

For this Fashionista, comfort and style play an equal role in creating the perfect back to school outfit. Her crop top not only gives off a trendy ’90s vibe with its striped pattern, but the fit also lends to a more comfortable and confident walk through campus. To pair with her top, this Fashionista went for a trusty pair of denim shorts. You can never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts when it comes to comfort! These shorts, however, are extra cool with their unique distressing along sides. She then added a pair of classic high-top Vans, another tribute to the ’90s, for a comfortable walking shoe. And the way she chose to tie her shoelaces around her ankles gives her extra style points!

In terms of accessories, this Fashionista hits all the same marks. The leather backpack has become a staple for all ’90s fashion lovers out there! Her black leather backpack will allow this Fashionista to carry her books in style this fall. Her fun choker adds yet another ’90s staple, and lends to a cool and minimal vibe that pairs well with her no-frills look. Lastly, this Fashionista finished off the look with a pair of rounded orange sunnies. Not only is the shape of her sunglasses on trend, but the bright pop of orange is definitely a surefire way to get noticed while lounging in the quad!

Overall, with this ensemble, this Fashionista mastered that soft grudge vibe that is so current while still managing to put together an appropriate outfit for a full day of back to school errands and activities!

One Simple Change: Headed to a bonfire at the beach? Ditch the sunnies for a duster cardigan, and you’re sure to stay warm and cozy long into the night.