WHAT TO WEAR: Back To School

Summer school grades are finalized, dorm inspiration boards become reality and your last poolside tan lines fade. The days between you and the first day of school are diminishing. No more sleeping in, no more long weekends jumping from friends to friends and no more Netflix binge watching (well maybe still Netflix). Not to put a bad name on the school season, but it’s just not the same! But listen up people, it’s time to get our lives back together for the fall and you know what that means: a better wardrobe. Yet again, not to give a bad name to the oh so comfortable T-shirt and shorts because they are the best alternatives. Dressing up though is good for the soul; I swear it’s been proven. This Fashionisto’s outfit is causal but as I caught him walking out of the library his sleek shoes caught my eye and I knew I had to stop him. I think that he has a finesse that says, “What up school, let’s do this.” Whether his personality embodies this lifestyle or he hasn’t totally convinced himself of his love for the books, his clothes did all the talking for me.

From head to toe, the hipster vibe starts off with his sunglasses. These specs are a perfect accessory to wear around campus when you’re rushing from classes to class. A comfortable top like this dude’s V-neck is just right when needing to sling a backpack on. His dark straight leg jeans are what tops off his look…even though they are at the bottom. They hug close to his figure but still keep him looking cool. My favorite of course are his Nike tennis shoes. Comfortable for walking to classes and a great conversation starter.

One Simple Change: Try switching out the V-neck for a classic long sleeve button-up and a skinny black tie for a mid-day presentation. Leave the shoes on to achieve this edgy look.