WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

It’s already the second week of August and that can only mean one thing: first semester is amongst us. Don’t worry! Whether you are going to freshman orientation or beginning the last of your senior year, you can always start off fresh—Fresh Prince. That’s right, bring in the start of a new semester by rocking a fun ’90s-inspired look that makes you more approachable. Just like the Fresh Prince himself, this look may gain you major cool points from the guys and win over all of the honeys!

Since you are moving from the comforts of your natural habitat into the wilderness of a new environment, the best way to channel your ’90s look while getting over being home sick is by rocking a vintage hometown jersey. This Fashionisto represents his California roots by rocking an oversized bright yellow Bel-Air Academy jersey. To avoid over doing his ’90s-inspired look, the Fashionisto pulls a page out of Will Smith’s book by pairing this jersey with a pair of solid colored fitted knee high shorts. To accomplish this look he finishes off his outfit with a cool pair of high-top kicks, killer sunglasses and a nice gold statement watch. By channeling this look, you can become the talk of you campus faster than Carlton breaks out in dance.

One Simple Change: Want to celebrate your first day by hitting up a frat party? Swap your shorts for a pair that has a bold pattern that will take you from day to night. This is your chance to really show your creative side, so don’t be afraid to go all out.