WHAT TO WEAR: Back to Black

School is back in session and what better way to begin the semester than with some casual wear? Casual wear doesn’t just have to be confined to sweatpants and T-shirts and I think this look definitely captures that “comfy-yet-cool” vibe. Three things I believe are worthy of consideration when choosing any outfit: comfort, simplicity and black. Comfort is always at the top of my list when choosing a getup for campus wear. Simplicity is always at the top of my list when deciding what to pair together—you definitely don’t want to go overboard. Black is always at the top of my list when deciding what colors to choose from, simply because black goes with everything.

Something I have always found interesting is menswear and I have noticed is that there are so many more articles on what women should wear in comparison to those of men. Although everyone says that dressing a guy is easy, more often than not guys are doing it wrong. A simple outfit as pictured is super easy to achieve as long as you aren’t overdoing it!

He is wearing a white T-shirt underneath a Number (N)ine hoodie paired with Stüssy trousershigh-top black Converse and an Alyx belt. I love how effortlessly cool this outfit is and I love how easy it is to wear around campus, let alone sit through a lecture in. The all black is balanced out with the graphic on the hoodie and the unique belt really adds some detail, pulling the whole look together.

Work with what is in your wardrobe. Swap out the black trousers for some light denim jeans or even swap out the pullover hoodie with a zip-up. Either way, wearing this outfit is sure to provide comfort on any campus and in any class.