WHAT TO WEAR: Back to Basics

WHAT TO WEAR: Back to Basics

I’ve always found it interesting how swiftly a person’s style can change. One minute it’s leather pants and a fur jacket, the next it’s sneakers and a ball cap. I’m currently in the sneakers and ball cap phase (minus the ball cap in this instance). While I admittedly once preached that style was about going all out, I’ve completely changed my tune. Now it’s all about minimalism—minimalism and comfort. Don’t get me wrong, pulling out all the stops is totally appropriate in certain situations, however day-to-day is far more about making casual cool and I’d say I’m fairly skilled when it comes to that.

I’ve found that some of my favorite outfits are ones I really didn’t put all that much time into. It’s my personal opinion that truly great style isn’t having to spend an hour in front of the mirror every morning, but being able to throw something fashionable on in five minutes before running out the door. Now, I’ll own up to the fact that my perfecting of the whole five-minute-look thing is mostly due to my unwavering ability to find myself running behind, but it’s a skill I’m glad I’ve mastered.

This look is by far one of my favorites. I’m the kind of person who has 10 plain white T-shirts, one too many pairs of white sneakers, and an expansive denim collection, which makes putting together an outfit composed of nothing but basics a pretty no-sweat task. If you’ve read any of my other articles, you’ll have caught on to the fact that I’m pretty devoted to Madewell denim. This pair of ripped skinnies has become like a second skin to me, it’s almost a little concerning how much I wear these babies. Again, this was a day I was running majorly late to class (oops), so I opted for simple and quick. I threw on one of my many white T-shirts, this time one I picked up in the mens section at Rag & Bone. I always shop in the mens section.

The core of this look was beyond easy, the four remaining minutes I had were spent on accessorizing. Well, three minutes because I still had to make a cup of tea before class, I do have priorities. I get so tired of wearing the same puffy coat over and over again all winter and picked up this extended-bomber from Gypsy Warrior last year. It’s heavier than it looks and keeps me cozy even on 30 degree days. I opted for this Rebecca Minkoff tote with the snakeskin siding to add a little subtle personality to the look and then of course topped the outfit off with every gals go-to—Adidas Stan Smiths.

Quick, easy, basic.