WHAT TO WEAR: Back in Black

Simple, yet bold is what this Fashionisto is all about this semester in Chicago. With the summer season coming to a close, it is back to classes and the routines of being a student at Loyola University Chicago. Chicago is known for its large fashion industry, particularly on the Magnificent Mile which is home to several of the most famous luxury brands. Since Loyola’s Water Tower Campus is located just two blocks from “The Mile,” it is likely that you will see students a bit more dressed up for class than usual. This Fashionisto is all about keeping his style classy while taking on a day of academics downtown.

A universal truth in the city is that you can never go wrong with black and white. They are a classic pairing and with an additional pop of color, can transform an average outfit into something great. A plain white T-shirt is essential to any closet, male or female. In this case, the T-shirt is a great starting point for a simplistic outfit. The addition of the joggers allows the student to look put together, while also having comfort in wearing them. Since Chicago is a great place to walk around in-between classes, comfortable shoes are a must. Nike Roshes have the ability to match any outfit, and the all black exterior of this particular pair adds sophistication. Tying this outfit together is a simple black hoodie that allows the white T-shirt to stand out, as well as being useful when a classroom gets a bit too cold.

Not only do basic colors create a simple, yet unique outfit, but accessories create a more personal look. This Fashionisto stayed true to his style and kept his accessories simple. The blue lensed aviators, Lokai bracelet and Fitbit give more insight into his personality and how he carries himself throughout life.

While it may be fun to dress up for class, sometimes you just have to keep is casual and classy like this look. Small statement pieces, such as the sunglasses and bracelets, in this case, go a long way and add a little charm into the mix. Whether you attend a city school or state school, this outfit can put you on the map as a well-dressed college student.