WHAT TO WEAR: Baby, It's Cold Outside

WHAT TO WEAR: Baby, It's Cold Outside

Yep, it’s here. December. From a young age, we dream about the first fall of snow. It is just so beautiful and majestic. The snowflakes tickle our noses and stick to our eyelashes and all we want to do is sit outside and contemplate our life while drinking a whole lot of hot cocoa… And then suddenly it’s the next day and the ground is mucky and the white snow is now oil-filled black (yellow if someone had a rough night).

So how do we keep this ‘first snow fall’ feeling? Simple. By expressing our uniqueness and joy through our outfit of the day!

This Fashionista refuses to hide behind the stereotypical green and red Christmas colors, instead throwing it back to fall with these warm neutral tones. Another important technique this Fashionista uses is layering. Especially in these colder temperatures, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of layering! Not only does it look neat and ties an outfit together, but it also keeps you warm!

This Fashionista did an incredible job with layering: the proportions are spot on. The base color of her top really stands out compared to the blue of the second layer and the more burnt orange jacket. When layering, your base color should take up most of the composition. In fact, it should be the brighter color that catches a person’s eye. The second layer should be more of a peek-a-boo, or just a teaser that accents the base’s color.

The burgundy scarf and hat not only compliment the color scheme chosen by this Fashionista, but they also keep her nice and toasty!

As we get closer to the first snow fall, make sure to take note from this Fashionista’s choices: layer up and pop out!