WHAT TO WEAR: Autumnal Equinox Movement

Ladies and gentlemen, fall 2016 is finally here! According to the autumnal equinox, the first day of autumn is on Thursday, September 22nd. This is when the sun crosses the equator and night and day are equal in length. Everybody is joining the autumnal equinox celebration with fashion shows all over the world, and live broadcasting of extraordinary outfits and accessories are off the charts! With all of this going on, how can you not get inspired and go out of your ways to find the perfect fall outfit to show off at school?

Meet the Fashionista I spotted joining the movement of the fall trend. Lovely Katherine Nater has it all figured out and she has the Clarks to prove it. Kate welcomes the cooler, breezy and still hot weather with a cute striped top that is fascinating, basic black shorts that should be essential to the fall wardrobe and a mint color informal blazer jacket. For shoes, Kate decided to use Clarks from the artisan collection that just complete the look times one hundred. Kate said she is really into fashion, but she’s also really into saving money; as we all know, college is extremely expensive. I told her I loved her artisan Clarks and asked where she purchased them. She cheerfully replied, “The thrift shop in town! You’d be surprised at all the wonderful things you can find there.” This Fashionista encourages all of us to check out the local thrift shops in our area for amazing savings. You can’t go wrong with sensational wardrobe items!

I can’t forget about the rounded, silver shades she accessorized her outfit to enjoy a cool relaxing walk off campus. As a college student, Kate admits that she is all scheduled up and many times does not have time to think about what to wear to school, but I’d say that for this specific occasion she pulls it off pretty well. I loved this style. It’s very laid back and perfect for the fall.