October 13th, 2016 at 2:10am

One of the best ways to heal from the inevitable end-of-summer heartbreak is to get excited about fall fashion. Sure, it may be too chilly to wear your favorite off-the-shoulder top these days, but think about how great you’re going to look while rocking that knitwear.

I’ve always preferred fall and winter fashion to that of summer, as I feel there is more variety to the kinds of outfits I can create. Living in places where summers are blistering with heat and humidity forces me to prioritize comfort over style, and I’m stuck worrying more about staying cool than looking cool. Needless to say, I was so glad to find that autumn was well underway in London by the time I arrived.

This Fashionista, who was wearing one of the coolest outfits I’ve seen this season, definitely had me feeling inspired. I think the key to rocking an eye-catching outfit is to simply be comfortable in yourself, and this Fashionista absolutely exuded confidence. Her sheer, orange statement jacket paired amazingly with the sleekness of this all black ensemble. Although this outerwear won’t do much to protect from the breezy afternoons in London, it was the perfect piece to throw over a ribbed turtleneck top for a thin but extra layer.

I love that she incorporated some of this season’s trends, such as hoop earrings and wide-leg trousers, yet kept the look her own. Additionally, this Fashionista’s platform lace-ups were an edgy twist on the typical white sneaker trend and balanced the colors of her outfit nicely. I can’t wait to take inspiration from this Fashionista in the upcoming fall months!