WHAT TO WEAR: Arriving in Style

After two short months of being back at school, March finally hits and it’s spring break. I headed west to the City of Angels, otherwise known as Los Angeles, for a few days of shopping, exploring, and most importantly, eating.

Californians’ style, I noticed, was laid back, but put together. Jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt is an ensemble you can see on eight out of ten people, just like the Fashionista above. This Fashionista is wearing the ultra popular white Adidas Superstars, paired with white flare jeans for a summery vibe. On top she wore a Tommy Hilfiger graphic T-shirt from their capsule collection at Urban Outfitters. To top this outfit, she wore a long gray cardigan to help with the semi-cold weather.

I never wear makeup to the airport, but I try to look presentable when I fly. Wearing a hat, such as the one above, can help one look easily put together without any effort. Whether you’re going to a destination or flying back home, I always try to wear an outfit that is comfortable, but that would allow me to go out to lunch or go exploring right after I leave the airport if plans end up changing. The Fashionista above does that perfectly.

My time in California was full of denim, relaxed sweaters, sneakers, and graphic T-shirts. I always go for comfortable style, and the outfit pictured above executes that idea well. When exploring a new city, it is fun to dress up, but if the outfit gets in the way of your enjoyment, it’s not worth it.

I hope all my readers had a fabulous spring break and is ready to finish the second half of the semester. Good luck Fashionistas!