WHAT TO WEAR: Around Town

Being out and about, keeping busy and walking those fashion-filled streets is a given when it comes to November. Boots start to pile up with sweaters being hung one after the other on clothing racks. With people beginning to wear their scarves more oversized, similarly to a blanket itself, comfort will always be the ultimate companion. Through the belief in this, men’s and women’s fashion coincide with each other as the neutral tones, pullovers and boots begin to make their debuts.

Made by Clarks originally, these Chukka boots have become a prime example of what it means to enhance the feet of men with good taste. They were first worn by British soldiers. Soon afterward, they made their way west and have now been mixed into everyday menswear. The all-leather boots show off a well-worn look, which is accompanied by modern style, as the outfit is anchored and completed with dark denim. A cream pullover with a burgundy undershirt not only works as a neutral in the color palette, but it also creates a smooth texture, which pairs well with the leather on the desert boots. A baseball cap tops it off to finish this around town look. What enhances this look the most is the versatility and practicality of the textural touches with the simplicity of comfort… perfect for walking around a city all day.

When applying neutrals, matching isn’t always necessarily the case. There is nothing to worry about if the right pieces are on the same spectrum with something unique. In this case, the brown desert boot mixes with the dark denim to create a classic, yet ’of-the-moment’ kind of look. Different patterns, textures and fabrics should be encouraged to be mixed and matched, as the wearer pleases. This outfit sets itself up as a flawless canvas in which the wearer can play out his/her own style, taste and overall love for feeling good through fashion.