WHAT TO WEAR: April Showers Bring Loose Dresses

WHAT TO WEAR: April Showers Bring Loose Dresses

As April comes in full swing, the rain comes with it. As much as we would all love to just skip to the beautiful May flowers, the rain is essential for setting up the fast approaching summer weather.

This Fashionista decided to brave the rain, without an umbrella, while walking across campus to her classes. This Fashionista began her outfit with a tribal print dress with a lot of beautiful, cheery colors to embrace the spring weather. The loose fit to this dress was definitely a good choice because once the rain started falling, you don’t want your clothes sticking to you as you’re sitting through classes. This Fashionista made the educated decision to place an ivory ribbed cardigan over her patterned dress to keep herself warm from the freezing rain. While the ivory cardigan looks fashionable, it is also practical because the temperature is still fighting to embrace spring and helps prevent the dress from clinging to her body from the rain. This Fashionista also decided to wear a light pink, knit infinity scarf to protect her neck from the chilling rain, but also to add another fashionable element. The light pink matches the light pink visible on the dress perfectly, which helps tie the whole look together.

She finishes off the look with some short light brown heeled boots. Although the boots themselves are not going to keep her warm, she added a pair of ankle socks to protect her lower legs from freezing. This Fashionista really took the weather into consideration while not ignoring fashion.

Spring is a beautiful time of year where all of the trees regain their leaves and flowers begin to bloom. Everyone’s spirits are being lifted as the warm weather approaches, we just have to make it through the chilling rain. Take a tip from this Fashionista by wearing light and loose clothing while braving the weather.