WHAT TO WEAR: Another Layer Please

WHAT TO WEAR: Another Layer Please

As the weather changes and all of our spirits are lifting, the real question is not “what are you going to do?” But, “what are you going to wear?” It’s hard to dress for the day when it starts off chilly, gets warmer at noon and then cools back down in the evening. Without a doubt, the best thing for the shift in temperature throughout the day is layers!

This Toronto Fashionisto knows that layering is the trick to this season change! He’s wearing three layers: a simple black T-shirt, a long black zip-up sweater, and a black sweater-sleeved leather jacket, with a pair of dark wash jeans and off-black rubber soled boots. Although he’s only on campus to meet a friend and help out with a project, he is definitely aware that style at Ryerson is a huge part of our campus’ culture! Everyone in Toronto knows that layers are essential for our fluctuating weather, and the way this Fashionisto worked them into his outfit was perfect for a day out and about around school, and around the city. The layers themselves make it easier to adjust to the heat throughout the day, since you might be moving in and out of buildings, and it especially helps if you plan on being out late when the breeze gets colder!

In addition to the layering, he chose to sport some awesome accessories to finish off his look: a long simple chain, a few beaded and braided bracelets, a ring, a beige Point Zero corduroy-textured hat and, of course, a pair of sunglasses for this sunny, spring day on campus! These final additions really complete the outfit in a simple and effortless way; it’s not too much, not too flashy, and really speaks to his personal street-style aesthetic.

Although he wasn’t attending any classes this day (woo hoo!) a backpack was still essential. His double strapped fabric backpack tied together the browns and blacks in his outfit and worked perfectly to hold any and everything he might need!

Hope all you Fashionistos/as are enjoying the warm weather, and good luck to those of you doing exams. Cheers to those of you already starting your summer vacay!