WHAT TO WEAR: Always Pack Black

The summer season not only means warm weather and sunny skies, but also the season of vacations. Many of us are heading out and aren’t stopping until our feet hit the sand as we let out a short sigh of relief and comfort- “Ah, the beach.” I’m sure many of us are wishing we were reading this post with our toes in the water! I know I sure am.

The struggle with any and most vacations is what to pack. Last summer, I enjoyed two trips to Europe, but both times I struggled with what to wear. I thought to myself, “You don’t want to overdo it and you especially don’t want to under-do it!” This Fashionista shows off her ideal vacation attire and it couldn’t be any cuter.

The safest route to take when planning a trip’s wardrobe is to pack black. A black dress is tremendously flexible for a plane ride or a casual day in the roaring city of Barcelona or any city that you dream of spending your summer in. What’s even better is that you won’t look like a typical tourist in khaki shorts and a button-down with a pair of binoculars around your neck!

Another cozy and versatile item featured in this Fashionista’s outfit is a charming pair of Birkenstocks. Not only can you wear them when relaxing in comfy shorts and a T-shirt, but also with your seamless vacation outfit. They’re easy to slip on and off, and are comfortable enough for miles of walking.

Not wanting to under-do an outfit, but still wanting to be comfortable for your summer vacation can be a struggle. You no longer have to be stuck in a trance of what to wear. Packing black is always the way to go! Black and gold bracelets, like the ones featured, are great accessories to pair with an abundance of your vacation outfits. Plus, they make it so that you don’t have to load a ton of jewelry into your suitcase! You can also mix a black pair of shorts with an adorable tank top or this patterned skirt with a simple black shirt. It’s basic, comfy, yet fashion-forward and flawless for the scorching heat.

One Simple Change: Maybe you aren’t migrating to a sunny destination this summer, but you’re still guessing what you should wear on those weekend nights. A modest, black dress can be dolled up to your liking while also gaining points for being a flattering and pleasant outfit! You truly can’t go wrong with adding a few neutral items to your closet, so next time you are out shopping, remember to pick up a black dress!