WHAT TO WEAR: Always on the Go

Parents are, for some reason, under the impression that being in college simply entails waking up on time, engaging in classes, and rushing to the library to complete homework. This is true, but we also have to stress about our internship, a job, time on the treadmill, trips to cute coffee shops, last minute sorority event shopping and last but not least, figuring out our career path for the next 50 years. This is where the art of cute, yet comfortable, clothing came to life. You want to look cute for class but have to run to your internship straight after. Perhaps you made it to the gym this morning (which I can not personally relate to, but snaps for you girlfriend) and are not in the mood to wear something tight and uncomfortable. This is exactly why this Fashionista caught my eye on campus.

When it comes to wearing overalls, some girls roll straight out of bed and effortlessly rock them with their hair up in a messy bun, whereas I feel like I’m giving off the vibe that I’m late to go milk my cows. This Fashionista changed my perspective with her off-the-shoulder top instead of using a plain T-Shirt, which gives off the cutest girly vibe that ties the outfit together. Another thing I want to address is her obvious love for minimalism. You clearly do not need to use bold colors in order to make a bold statement. By sticking to the classics, it creates this simple, yet stunning, look. Add some dainty jewelry and you are set for the day.

Some of us are lucky enough to work in an environment where the dress code is instructed as “casual,” meaning a bit trendy but keep your lengths appropriate. That is perhaps why I fell in love with this outfit. It is adorable for class and perfect to keep on all day as you run from your last hour of class to your first hour of work. Anyone who has ever tried on a pair of overalls falls in love immediately. Why? It’s ridiculously trendy, and you personally feel like you just threw on a sack. Best of both worlds if you ask me. Props to this Fashionista for rocking it flawlessly!