WHAT TO WEAR: All-Black Everything

Don’t know what to wear to an interview? Wear black! Don’t know what to wear to a romantic date? Wear black! Black is such a power color because it can ultimately be worn anywhere at anytime. Sometimes it is tricky because there multiple shades of black believe it or not! Matching blacks can be hard sometimes, but then again all-black seems to match itself. It is such a crisp and clean color. It is slimming, sleek, stylish and a show-stopper. This Fashionista paired her favorite black clothing items to come up with a sophisticated and fierce look.

As the colder weather approaches, it is the perfect time to throw on stylish leggings and boots. This Fashionista’s leggings are black with leather down the side, which adds some edge to the look. Low cut booties match perfectly with the outfit. The buckles on the sides of the booties help go along with the edgy leggings. A black tank bodysuit is so versatile and works great when pairing it with the other items in this look. It looks very sleek and is good for when you go inside and the heat is on full blast. To top off the outfit, a sophisticated black jacket ties it all together. The zippers accent the leather and buckles also worn. A small snakeskin cross-body bag helps finish the overall look!

This Fashionista created the perfect outfit for a night on the town or even catching up with old friends. Each item complements the next and the all-black theme keeps the look simple yet stated!