WHAT TO WEAR: After A Night Out

University can be exciting. Meeting new people, taking your interested courses, and discovering who and what you want to be. What’s not exciting: waking up for that 9am class, throwing on an outfit, and praying that you don’t look (or smell) like last nights adventures.  After the horror of rush hour traffic or sprinting all the way to class, the idea of viewing your appearance can be a terrifying one. Worst of all, you’re stuck with that look for the rest of the day.  Don’t worry… we have all been there. Luckily for you, I have got some style tips on what to wear when facing the brutal fatality of a hangover.

Most importantly, be comfortable. Sure, skinny jeans give off the impression that you actually tried, but when those skinnies are just too skinny, they can be painful when you’re exhausted and bloated. The trick is to find a happy medium between fitted and flared a.k.a culottes. These pants are styled to fit around the waist and hips, to then extend out towards the lower thigh and calf. Culottes are the perfect trousers for the morning after as they are trendy, show off the waist, and are still as comfortable as your favorite sweatpants. In the pictures above, this Fashionista paired her black Culottes with an extra large black sweater. Although this look might resemble your pajamas, the combination of the two oversized pieces creates a unique shape for an avant-garde look, that is easy to throw on in the early morning.

To construct a sleek appeal, this Fashionista kept it monochromatic with a matching shoulder bag and shoes. Note: having an extra large bag is always useful for an early start, for more can fit into it… a.k.a… makeup.

Speaking of makeup, it is never fun in the mornings! No need to worry, I have a super easy solution for you to try. Instead of spending hours on contour or the perfect eyeliner, simply put on a bit of foundation/concealer, maybe a bit of mascara, and a bold lip. Wearing colorful lipstick might sound odd, but it brings all attention to your lips instead of your tired eyes, creates an allusion that you are trying harder than you are, and livens up your appearance.

I hope you guys love this look as much as I do and that you found these tips useful for your next late night to early morning routine! Don’t forget to follow me on any of my social media to keep up to date with future posts!