WHAT TO WEAR: A Walk in the Park

WHAT TO WEAR: A Walk in the Park

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for being outside, exploring parks, and admiring outdoor sculpture gardens. This Fashionista is seen enjoying a warm spring day on a sculpture at the Iowa State University campus. When out and about exploring, no one wants to be held back by a constricting outfit, which is why this Fashionista especially loves this outfit.

Just because a Fashionista wants to be ready for a spontaneous adventure at anytime, it doesn’t mean she wants to wear a boring outfit! That’s why this Fashionista chose to pair a stretchy lightweight top,with jeggings and a pair of sandals. She loves a casual stretchy top with fun cut outs to spice things up because they are comfortable and stylish. Jeggings are the perfect pant for exploring at the park because they have plenty of give and stretch like leggings with all the style of a pair of jeans.

For hair and accessories, this Fashionista chose to keep it on the simple side in order to stay adventure-friendly. A pair of slip-on sandals are a great option for any occasion since they eliminate any complicated straps. To add a little sparkle, she layered five to six bangles that stay out of the way rather than any long dangly necklaces or chunky statement pieces.

Lastly, this Fashionista also chose to pull her hair into a half up, half down style. She loves a “half ponytail” because it adds some cute flare to any look while also being practical by keeping hair out of her face.

By adding your own flare to an outfit similar to this Fashionista’s, you too can be ready for a spring/summer walk in the park, and have your outfit feel like a walk in the park as well!