WHAT TO WEAR: A Very Boho Winter

As a student living in Canada, staying warm is key on these cold winter days. Luckily, mastering the art of fashion in the cold has become quite simple. Our secret? Layers!

Having a bohemian style can be incredibly difficult when it comes to living in colder climates like ours. I’m here to help you master this style for any time of the year. Layering up is a great way to keep your boho look while still staying warm. In these pictures you can see that she has three tops layered underneath a thin trench coat. Slip dresses are a great way to layer and spice up an outfit. Above, she is wearing a dusty gray slip dress underneath a long and detailed light pink top. To add a warmer layer underneath the jacket, she wore an oversized plaid top. Then, of course keeping in mind that if she left her legs exposed that she would get incredibly cold while outside, she put on some thick black tights. To tie this look all together, she added some black combat boots and accessorized with a pink headband and a white howlite gemstone choker.

When layering, make sure you start with the smallest piece (i.e. slip dress) and make your way up to larger and thicker pieces (i.e. jacket). This will ensure a perfectly layered look. The point of a boho outfit is to wear very loose clothing and look carefree, but when you live in Canada and have cold winters make sure to layer up with some warmer layers as well.