WHAT TO WEAR: A Not-So-Winter Wonderland

WHAT TO WEAR: A Not-So-Winter Wonderland

To the rest of the country, cold weather may not seem like a luxury. For Floridians, the days where the weather remains below 50 degrees into the afternoon are a luxury. That’s not to say the weather never gets chilly, but it usually isn’t a great idea to layer since the temperature will likely spike once the clock strikes noon. The key is to choose an outfit that provides just enough warmth to get you through the few cold hours but won’t suffocate you once the warmer temperature sets in.

This Fashionista chose an outfit that is both simple and perfect for the confusing Florida temperatures. Many days, waking up for class is enough of a struggle without having to look put together as well. When the weather is the least bit cold, it’s always more comforting to feel cozy and warm, which often doesn’t equate to a clean look. However, this Fashionista uses a few simple pieces to create a comfy outfit that is also pleasing to the eye. She’s proving that a look doesn’t have to be complicated to turn heads.

Her oversized sweater dress is the main component of the outfit and is reminiscent of the oversized college sweatshirts we all love without the messy, tired look that comes with them. This one piece created an entire look that only needs a few details to complete it. Her over-the-knee boots and boot socks compliment the sweater for that winter wonderland look that’s as if she just walked off the streets of New York City. Her pieces fall into a monochromatic color pattern, making for a cleaner, sharper outfit altogether. The look is chic and cozy, but is only one layer, so she won’t be uncomfortable when the last lingering bits of cold weather disappear.

Those who live in Florida know it’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of cold weather and try to wear every piece of warm clothing you own in order to compensate for the times we never get to wear them. However, most of the time simple is better. This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example of how to appreciate the cold weather in Florida without overdoing it.